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Before taking Mike's course I often found my clinical assessments lacking direction. I followed the scheme as it was taught in school however I don't feel like I always got the whole picture, let alone a good understanding of the soft tissue contribution to the patient's complaints. Mike course offered a way of thinking that guides my assessment more efficiently

Taking mike's FIFA course has greatly contributed to my practice and I truly believe it has helped set me apart in my thinking and application of functional assessment and treatment strategies. I am able to get a more solid picture of what is going on with my patients, I am seeing results quicker and gaining so much more patient satisfaction, which has led to increased referrals and a busy schedule. I've been able to grow my practice and have been given the opportunity to work with professional and amateur athletes, which has always been a goal of mine as a physio. The positive changes extends beyond the courses Mike offers. He cares about the practitioners and encourages us to be our best inside and outside the clinic.

-Joelle Karam, BHsc(Hons), MScPT, CSCS, Pn1

Working here in Finland I heard about Mike from a few professional hockey players. The encouraged me to go and learn from Mike. Through working with mike I learned a lot about how to assess and treat professional athletes and how to use neurofunctional acupuncture and soft tissue techniques to get amazing results. FIFA made a big difference in my business, better results makes for more patients.

-Karri Eliasson

The beauty of the course is in the simplicity. The model helps clearly compartmentalize issues of Neuro - MSK complaints and helps piece the global dysfunction for treating.
Before this course, I was a clueless student going through the motions hoping school would answer my questions. Now that I have taken the FIFA course, I feel extremely confident to begin clinical practice because I have a systematic approach to assess dysfunction. Moreover, having access to the online portion to constantly review was extremely helpful in the learning process.

I highly recommend this course to any hands on practitioner who wants to truly elevate their game!

-Taran Ohson

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